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Monday, October 17, 2005

On Being Sick

I hate being sick, therefore I am a terrible patient. I was suddenly struck down on Friday with a mysterious virus that made my throat hurt so badly I could only eat soup. This unwelcomed visitor gave me a fever and sent me to bed at 8 pm. Meanwhile, I was due to make a presentation Saturday morning to a wonderful group of women. What to do? Well, I couldn't just relax into being sick. The running monologue in my head was "I don't have time to be sick. How will I be ready for tomorrow. I just can't be sick. This stinks. I've got important things to do." Fortunately, I had been working on my presentation all week and it was ready to go. Though I still wasn't feeling super-duper, I went to my engagement and gave an acceptable (though not spectacular) presentation.

Now that I am feeling 100% better, I am amazed at the opportunity I missed to just be sick. Whatever it was that attacked my system simply was not interested in how important I thought I was or the fact that I just did not want to be sick. See, I forgot all about that thing called Acceptance. There wasn't one thing I could do to make myself "not sick" but I continued to behave and think as if there were. What a silly notion. I could have laid in bed, rightfully asked to be waited on just a little and slept slept slept. That actually sounds pretty good-doesn't it? Maybe next time this happens (and with a three year-old in the house it certainly will!), I'll spend my time and energy on these things. Hmmm...maybe I'll even gather a little stash of goodies I get to break out the next time I run a fever. I really like the sound of that!

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