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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Responding to Katrina

Wow. I feel like I've been around the world in the past two weeks. I live in South Alabama, so we watched the weather channel for 48 solid hours trying to see if we were going to be in Katrina's path. Mercifully and miraculously, we were spared all but a few high winds. But, we are so very close to those who lost everything. I've spent the past ten days in Memphis, Birmingham and now back home. Everyone is doing all they can to help those whose circumstances are so horrible I cannot begin to imagine them. Even people whom the rest of the world would consider poor are opening their hearts, their closets, their churches and their checkbooks to do what they can. I keep hearing the same refrain, "I have so much to be grateful for-a roof over my head, food to eat, my family accounted for. I don't need anything for myself and I can find a way to help these people who need so much." Isn't that inspiring?

Yesterday, I received this email for Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing www.actionplan.com. I found that it summed up both the stunned paralysis some of us feel as well as a call to action that we can all answer:

"One of the strongest forces in the human personality is the drive to preserve the integrity of our own identity. Knowing that you have failed to live up to your own standards for your life is the ultimate pain, and knowing that you have fulfilled your highest vision of yourself is the ultimate pleasure." - Anthony Robbins

I urge you to take some kind of positive action that is consistent
with your highest vision of yourself.

Take action that goes above and beyond what you've ever done before. Go outside of your comfort zone. Write a bigger check, donate more time or put on a fundraiser.

Don't get stuck thinking it won't be enough and then fail to do anything. I see this with clients all the time and it's a real killer. Whatever you do will make a difference.

Take up Robert's challenge. I have. I am cleaning out my closets and my cupboards. I am organizing a coach-a-thon that will raise money for victims of Katrina. I have purchased diapers, wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap - everything I could imagine wanting and needing if my house was gone tomorrow.

Be your best self in the weeks to come. Much will be asked of us and if we all dig down deeply, we will find ourselves capable of giving more than we ever thought possible.

Be well and look for the extraordinary today-it won't be hard to find.

Love and Peace,