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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Making Room for Something New

Somewhere several years ago I read a passage about creating room for something new. The idea is that if our lives are jammed full of things, there is no space for something new to come along. Our responsibility is to clean out spaces. We may not even know what the new thing is that might show up, but we want to be in a position to welcome it, no? So, I've suddenly realized that I am surrounded by stuff (i.e. clothes, furniture,books, etc.) that I have not used or looked at in an eon. This week, I am cleaning out like a madwoman. Packing up everything I can find a taking it to a nonprofit that helps people who have nothing. My charity of choice at the moment is a shelter for battered women and children. They come in in the middle of the night with little more than the clothes on their back.

The nice by-product of all this physical cleaning out is a spiritual catharsis. How can I think straight if I am distracted by stuff-both physical and emotional? As I bag up and throw out stuff that is useless to me now, I am packing up the baggage in my head that no longer serves me. I just love the feeling of lightness!

If you are feeling distracted or weighed down in your business efforts, check out what marketing guru Suzanne Falter-Barns is up to here. She has put together a CD called Guided Marketing 101 and her words "The Guided Marketing CD is a meditaiton CD that helps you tap into your own spiritual guidance on marketing, so you don't have to feel overwhelmed or unsure about the process. It's the technique I use for most of my own marketing efforts ... and it's fun!" the best part is, 50% of all proceeds from this CD are going to the victims of Katrina.

You may notice that I have switched from Bloglet to Feedblitz for blog subscriptions. This is a far superior product and you will get your subscriptions on time everytime. Just more of my cleaning up and cleaning out what isn't working for me. Can't wait to see what new thing is going to show up after I create a space for it!

Find something extraordinary in today!