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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Down the Technology Rabbit Hole

Whew! Who knew technology could be such a bugger-bear? I've spent the last three days attempting to maximize automation in my business. 1 fabulous success and 1 tear-my-hair-out experience. Both required time and energy that I hadn't counted on giving. My mistake. When I adopt something new - be it a new technology, new habit, new hobby - I must give myself the gift of extra time to get it right. Extra time in the face of something new is the only way to give it a shot at becoming an Everyday Alchemy experience. So, what did I spend my time on?

My first and fabulous experience was with an audio program called Audio Acrobat. Nothing to download, nothing to install, no special equipment. Woohoo! You can record a conference call with lots of peope on it or you can record a training audio with just you talking and send it out. Wow! This thing couldn't be simpler. Go here and you will see what I mean. Sign up for the free thirty day trial. Add audio to your email messages, your website, your blog, whatever. I used it to record a training call and then I emailed a copy all participants. Because I am a smarter bear than I used to be, I gave it a run-through before my call so I new what instructions I needed to print out, both from my phone company and Audioacrobat. Had them right in front of me before the call started and I recorded the call like a pro!

My tear-my-hair out experience had to do with the launch of my website and my free workbook sign up page. My designer sent me links to put into my email message that goes out to everyone who subscribes. Guess what? The links did not work and I had to find out from my subscribers!!! Won't name names-don't like doing that. But I will say that Alicia Forest at Client Abundance (a subscriber) offered her techno-help so I would not be dependent on my designer to fix things. I like making friends in cyber-space.

Today, I am going to master developing an ezine. It is the only business task I will do. If it winds up being simple, goody for me. I'll have extra time on my hands. If it is time-consuming-well that is the only project on my list today. I'll keep you posted.

Find something extraordinary in today!


P.S. Saw the movie Crash last night. If you haven't seen it, stop what you are doing and rent it right now. It is all everyne says it is and way way more.