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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Essential Element #4: Consider Your Choices

Today stinks. There is just no other way I can say it. I've been avoiding my blog because, to be honest, the past several days have stunk too. I have a vision of where I want my life, my work and my family to be and it just isn't happening fast enough to suit me. As a matter of fact, I said to myself this morning "It isn't happening, it hasn't happened, so it is never going to happen". How's that for a full-blown pity party?! So, what to do?

Ah, yes "Consider My Choices". I can continue to throw myself against the wall of frustration OR I can look around and see that there is laundry to do, a child to feed, birthday party invitations to mail. Do these sound exciting and glamourous? Not particularly, but they are the stuff of life. One of my mentors used to say "What's the next indicated step? Just do that and then take the next indicated step and the next and so on. Soon, you'll just be living." So, what's my next indicated step? Well, my desk is a mess and the living room needs to be vacuumed. Being brilliant amidst chaos is a tough road, especially when I don't feel like being brilliant anyway. So, I think I'll get up, and do the doings of life. It sure beats sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

What are your choices today? Can you consider them? Let me know how that works for you.

Find Something Extraordinary in Today (even if it is in folding the laundry!)