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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Saying Yes

I am writing today's post while my son takes his nap. He is three, so while he is awake he is a full time gig. I tried sneaking onto the computer yesterday and he immediately found me. "See Blast Off. See Blast Off," came his insistent command. He is obsessed with all things related to space at the moment and my husband regularly visits the NASA website with him to watch video's of rockets blasting off. He also knows that the shuttle is in countdown mode again and can't understand why it stubbornly sits on the launchpad. Well, my husband has been out of town for four days and I get impatient while watching various space vehicles fire off into the sky.

So, yesterday I said "No." My rationale being that I am busy trying to impact the world with my coaching, I do not have time to waste looking at the NASA site. A pitiful excuse I admit, but it's the truth. This morning, when I thought it was safe, I attempted another covert internet operation. I was discovered within 60 seconds. Again came the "See Blast Off. See Blast Off." As the word No was forming on my lips, I looked into my son's eyes. I could see his passion for these visual space odysseys-the passion that drove his insistent tone. I suddenly admired my pint-sized Neil Armstrong. With that kind of drive and passion, the world is his-if, and a big if it is-if his silly mother encourages him to keep asking for what he wants, instead of squashing his requests because it serves my personal agenda. So, I said "Yes!"

He hopped up onto my lap and we spent a most enjoyable hour watching space crafts, driving a moon buggy across Mars (a very cool thing indeed!), meeting the crew of the new space shuttle and all kinds of fascinating things I would never have gotten to see if my son hadn't shown them to me. What a lesson. Saying "No" to what life offers us because it is expedient, easy, and a lot less trouble can be a knee-jerk reaction. But, when we say "Yes!" with passion and drive-wow! We get to see the heavens through the eyes of a three-year old.

An extraordinary moment in my life. Look for the chance to say "Yes!" today, even when it would be easier to say "No. Who knows what visions await you!

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