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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Integrity Becomes An Essential Element

As many of you know, the whole concept of integrity is becoming increasingly important to me both personally and professionally. After all, without integrity, how can we possbily expect to live and work in a world we love. So, after much thinking and writing, I have officially added Integrity to the Essential Elements of Everyday Alchemy-so now there are ten rather than nine.

Here are the new and improved Ten Essential Elements of Everyday Alchemy:

1. Accept Responsibility, or Not.
2. Define and Defend Your Integrity
3. Check Your Assumptions.
4. Consider Your Choices.
5. Pay Attention.
6. Get Into Gratitude.
7. Secure Your Spiritual Core.
8. Play to Your Strengths.
9. Seek Wise Counsel.
10. Protect Your Priorities

Hope you get a great deal from pondering this new Element!

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